Outdoor Performance with Skånes Dansteater at Summer Dance in Malmo, Sweden

Performing Nocturne Duet

So Marc and I went to Malmo to visit and perform with Skanes Dansteater on Thursday 9th August for the weekend.

We did a preview, 10 minute duet, of Nocturne which we will be returning with in September to do the full version as a quartet along with Marc’s solo Remember When.

Malmo is a beautiful city by the water and the company’s facilities and people are equally as beautiful and friendly.

Thursday morning saw the possibility of rain and Marc getting right down to interviews and photos, for the DansFunk Festival that we will take part in on the 28 and 29 September. This will see Candoco Dance Company, Marc Brew Company and Caroline Bowditch (as Scottish Dance Theatre’s Dance Agent for Change) all coming over to an event on integrated dance at Skanes Dansteater for performances, workshops, talks and a masterclass with Marc Brew.

After interviews we did ballet class with the company in their wonderful purpose built building and then on to the outside venue to do a walk thru and space of the Nocturne duet on the beautiful outdoor amphitheatre stage in the gardens of Malmo for the Summer Dance Festival.

With the rain still holding out and the Swedish all following the handball score, the show started. It was the opening of Summer Dance Season and Skanes Dansteater showed a taster of work from the past season and work to come in the new season.

Marc and I enjoyed our duet excerpt from Nocturne on stage. The rain did not quite hold out, as the last two minutes of the duet it began to pour down, but the Swedish audience barely flinched – they put up their umbrellas and kept engaged until we finished to a rapture of an applause.

We were so welcomed from all at Skanes Dansteatre and the audience as we received a great reception. We were thrilled to be a part of opening of the Summer Dance Season and very much look forward to returning in September.

Written by company dancer Rebecca Evans

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