Following the success of Marc Brew Company’s first outdoor work Nocturne, the company is now creating a new work (i)land for outdoor locations touring in Summer 2014.  The work is part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme and is supported by Without Walls.

Set on a six ton pile of sand, which provides dance space in which Marc can perform away from his wheelchair, (i)land explores an interesting, imaginary dilemma.  Faced with life on a desert island, three characters uncover a means of escape back to civilisation.  As the narrative unfolds, the characters find pieces of a vehicle buried in the sand that will take them off the island.  They work together to build the craft, only to find that it wont carry all of them.

Drawing inspiration from stories such as Lord of the Flies, Lost and Castaway, (i)land engages audiences in questions about isolation and exclusion, ingenuity and invention, the politics of disability and perceptions of the body in dance.

Tour Booking please contact:
Sarah Trist
Telephone: +44 77 5765 4790
Email: sarah@stdma.com


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