Renewable in Mexico City

Renewable has been chosen as part of the official selection to be shown along with 28 other dance films at the 7th edition of Festival Internacional de Videodanza in Mexico City.

The opening screenings will take place at the The Vasconcelos Library of Mexico City on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September.

The Library is the fourth most visited cultural venue in the country, located in the centre of the Mexican capital. Its design and spaciousness is continually reviewed in art and architecture magazines and publications. The library houses the central building, the auditorium, gardens and inside there is a sculpture of the gray whale bones called “Mátrix Móvil” by Gabriel Orozco, which has become the icon of the Vasconcelos Library.

The entire official selection will then be shown at the Afirme Cultural Centre from 19th-30th September.

With more than 20 years supporting the production of art, the formation of audiences and the dissemination of culture, the Afirme Cultural Center will host the seventh edition, sharing the museum route with sculptures by Matias Goeritz, Sebastian and Alfredo Zalce, with a zoomorphic finish, three-dimensional geometry and characters that evoke movement.

Here the public will be able to see the films in 3 areas of the gallery, assigning 1 specific for the curatorial line of the environment films. Due to our interest in the professional production of videodance, we will open guided tours for dance school groups on Mondays 19 and 26, September.

Susan Hay will also be taking part on a panel discussion on 17th September.

Click here for more information on the festival and other films that will be shown.