An Accident goes into development

An Accident – a new collaboration between Marc Brew and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is in development for the next 3 weeks in Scotland.

The team will be working at The Lanternhouse in Cumbernauld, Tramway and The Boardwalk.

There will be a company class with Marc, hosted by The Workroom on the 14th July at The Boardwalk, with an opportunity to tour this new rehearsal space, and find out more about how Impact Arts are looking to support artists to access affordable rehearsals space in Glasgow.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes (photographs Susan Hay)…

The slideshow shows images of the cast, creative and production team in rehearsal in the theatre space.

  • An Accident spelt in bright magnetic letters on a whiteboard.
  • Marc Brew and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui sit with their backs to us on stage deep in discussion.
  • A white man bearded man in glasses sits in the theatre at a desk at his laptop.
  • A white women with long dark haits sits in a theatre at a desk, at her laptop.
  • A white man wearing a baseball cap seated in a theatre at a desk leans over his laptop concentrating on the screen.