Commissioned by Scottish Ballet in collaboration with Indepen-dance

Drawing on each of the dancers’ diverse experience, skills and disciplines, Marc explores whether combined knowledge can exalt into movement greater than the sum of its parts; that challenges the concept of what a dancer is, who can dance and how we create dance.  Marc consistently redefines expectations of physicality for dancers, and this new piece is like nothing you’ve seen before!

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Exalt premiered on 24 April 2015 at Tramway as part of Dance International Glasgow to rave reviews from audiences and the press

Choreography: Marc Brew
Lighting Design: George Thompson
Costume Design: Caro Harkness
Set Design: Marc Brew

Dancers: Scottish Ballet and Indepen-Dance

An Aborted Beginning – Nils Frahm
Keep Original Mix – Nils Frahm
7fingers – Nils Frahm, Anne Müller
Let My Key Be C – Nils Frahm, Anne Müller
Journey for a Traveller – Nils Frahm, Anne Müller
Duktus – Nils Frahm, Anne Müller
Teeth – Nils Frahm, Anne Müller
Show Your Teeth – Nils Frahm, Anne Müller

“Known for his eye for theatrical staging, Brew’s new work features an enormous piece of white fabric, which he describes as “an extension of me”. Working with the silk material helped shape his exploration of being broken and reborn – and also brought back a few memories.”  Kelly Apter, The Scotsman.

“The journey we all went on… has meant everybody breaking out of their comfort zones. The Scottish Ballet dancers hadn’t worked with adults who have learning difficulties before. The guys in Indepen-dance 4 hadn’t worked with ballet dancers who have turn-out and classical technique.. And that’s what Exalt is all about. It’s joyous,it’s upbeat and it rocks the houses a bit – it’s been a really exciting process.”