Company Information

Founded in 2008, Marc Brew Company fuses a fierce physicality with tender expression to explore an emotional narrative in dance. Grounded in contemporary technique and classical ballet and drawing on the unique physicality of each performer, the work with disabled and non-disabled artists is honest, unsentimental and recognisably human.

Choreographer Marc Brew is renowned for his tender, precise choreographic material that exemplifies the beauty of the moments shared between people. Marc’s choreography draws out the unexpected physicality of each performer he works with, helping them to find new ways to work with their bodies. He entwines this newly discovered movement with the emotive nature of human interaction to tell beautiful stories about being.

Extensive experience as a dancer and choreographer with a disability, working with disabled and non-disabled dancers means that he constantly continues to challenge performers expectations of their own limitations. In turn this challenges and inspires both the company and our audiences.

Marc’s unique choreographic style pushes the boundaries of physicality through the exploration of new and exciting movement drawn from a vocabulary of devising on his own body and working in collaboration with other ballet and contemporary dancers. Marc uses visual imagery and employs a very particular use of expressive and descriptive language to prompt the movement he wants to see.

Marc Brew Company is committed to developing innovative collaborative work that interweaves a physicality derivative of strong contemporary dance technique. The choreographer employs the use of line and extension, with intricate folding, placement and re-placement. This complex use of the body fused with a very human content offers audiences a clear, intricate and emotive experience. The works created by the company can be thought of as a series of physical conversations, encounters and interventions that reflect what it is to be human.

Equal Opportunities Policy