Remember When

Remember When draws upon exposure, peeling away layers, using line and extension, intricate folding, placement and re-placement, opens a conversation of remembrance.

Remember When is an intimate solo performance by choreographer/performer Marc Brew with a prelude screening of a short dance film project behind the performer exploring the idea of perception – looking from past to present.

Commissioned & Presented by East London Dance as part of Big Dance ’08.

This work has been designed to be performed in theatre spaces with blackout, raked seating and a full lighting rig with projector.

Duration: 10min

Creative Team
Marc Brew  – Choreographer and dancer
Tiago d’Oliveira – Composer of film soundtrack
Music: Angkor Wat Theme Finale by Michael Galasso from the movie soundtrack In the Mood For Love
Rachel Ferriman — Filming
Deveril ­‐ Film edit
Greg Wilson – Photo