An international co-creation between Brazilian artists Natalia Mallo and Giselle Calazans and Marc Brew  in a show that explores how re-inventing the past can shape an alternative future.

In June 2015,  Marc and Brazilian dancer Gisele Calazans participated in a creative residency at MIS – Museum of Image and Sound, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, led by Natalia Mallo. The encounter was a spontaneous combustion of bodies, movement and risk, affection and trust.
Two pieces were created – MayBe and Uchronia. Uchronia will be premiered at the Liberty Festival then shown at the Gathered Together Festival in Glasgow in September 2016.
Using nostalgia as a starting point, the performers will tell a story that has multiple endings exploring what might have been…


Conceived by Natalia Mallo and Marc Brew Company
Dancers: Marc Brew and Gisele Calazans
Music: Natalia Mallo
Production Manager: Joe Hornsby
Producer: Susan Hay
Access Assistant: Melanie Wilson
Photographs: Susan Hay

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