Marc teaches classical ballet and contemporary dance (release base technique). From his unique perspective and skill of inclusive practice Marc uses very clear visual imagery, description and demonstrations in his teachings. He not only teaches dancers to dance and to enjoy the freedom of movement and expression but through his teaching methods enables the dancers to think for themselves and apply his teachings to the best that they can do. His ‘can do’ approach in his classes focuses on the continuance of energy and flow in and around the body, through looking at length, line, placement and adaptation.

Marc teaches inclusively in all his masterclasses and workshops, ensuring his class work is accessible to all. This is achieved through feeding of information during the class in the following ways when required:

  • Physical demonstration to show action, dynamics and placement.
  • Visually imagery to obtain the correct quality and physical sensation.
  • Audio description giving clear spacing, direction, pathways and timing.
  • Hands on demonstration to enable correct posture and alignment.

Choreographic Intensives

Providing the dancers with a new vocabulary that enhances their creativity, Marc redefines expectations of physicality for performers. With the use of set material derived from Marc’s own movement style and offering creative tasks, he directs the dancers in challenging their own expectations and habitual movement patterns. Marc is particularly interested in restriction that enables new and interesting ways of movement and challenging the dancers to explore the awkward beauty of displacement and the differences between uncomfortable and comfortable movements to create solos, duets, trios and group work that can be thought of as a series of physical conversations, encounters and interventions that reflect what it is to be human.

Marc’s extensive experience as a dancer and choreographer with a disability, working with disabled and non-disabled dancers means that he challenges performers expectations of their own limitations. In turn this challenges and inspire the dancers.

Workshops & Residencies

In contact improvisation, creative workshops and site specific work

Marc is very excited about bringing different groups together in an inclusive environment where we all work together with Marc to explore possibilities of movement and collaboration together through the use of various tasks and learning set material. Marc creates a trusting and creative environment for all to learn and guides the dancers through a structured improvisation that is supported where there is no wrong just an opportunity to offer, try, receive and share.

Each workshop caters for the groups’ needs and requests ensuring good practice, equality and a fun learning experience that develops confidence, trust, co-ordination, expression and fitness.

Find out more about our workshop by downloading out Workshop pack here.

Teacher Training for Dancers, Professionals and Educators

Our teacher-training course is designed for teachers of dance and experienced artists interested in developing their teaching skills in leading physically integrated dance in an inclusive and supportive environment.


Marc is often asked to attend performances, events, festivals, conventions and conferences to be on panels of discussion, adjudicate, a keynote speaker, lecture demonstration, performances, attend school assembles and share his skill and expertise of inclusive practise through consultation.