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Fusional FragmentsThe rain may not have held out in London for Wimbledon on the weekend but Marc and I had a rain free day up in Warrington on Sunday.  Which was great since we were delivering a one day workshop on outdoor work.  We had a lot of discussion and brainstorming on what was important to think about when creating work for outdoors. The group also got to explore environments – inside and out – creating and developing ideas for outdoor/site specific work.  They brought their strong individuality with them and it was wonderful to see some of Marcs choreography manipulated in unique ways.  Our exploration around the Town Hall brought out our playful sides and gave root to some new ideas and possibilities for future work.  Overall a great way to spend a Sunday, much better then watching Andy Murray lose!

There was a lot of noise in the studio on Monday with Dame Evelyn Glennie joining us for our first rehearsal! We spent the day weaving her incredible percussive talents into Fusional Fragments.  Her live drumming, movement and presence has added a new layer and texture that is powerful (I kept hearing Aaron gasp next to me with the power of sound she was creating). Her instruments create a physical as well as an audio landscape for us to navigate through and I am very excited for our performance at the Southbank on the 31st of August.

Along with Evelyn we had our costume designer, lighting designer, producer, composer and production manager in the studio.  It was great to see all the elements come together, or maybe all the fragments begin to fuse.

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