Q+A with Claire McCue, Composer of ‘For Now, I am…’

We caught up with Claire McCue, the composer for For Now, I am, ahead of the work’s world premiere on Tues 26 + Wed 27 May at Tramway. Read about her experience below…


1. How did you get involved with Marc Brew Company / For Now, I am..?

I previously worked with Marc Brew on another project “Cube of Curiosity” which was a dance/art/music collaboration with Rachel Gadsden (artist) and Calum Huggan (percussion) in London 2013. I had previously worked with the percussionist and was brought onto the team. Marc then got in touch last year to talk about some music ideas for his new piece and following that asked me to compose the new score.

2. How did Marc’s story / movement inspire you create the music?

Marc had some very specific thematic ideas, and was able to show me some of the movement he had been developing during his initial studio time. Also, as I had known Marc before, I was aware of his story and also him as a person. I was inspired by our conversations to try to create a score which took into account, but also contrasted, all of these things, in terms of mood and actual sounds.

 3. What is your process of getting from inspiration to the finished piece?

Mainly just working with ideas and then developing these as the music evolves. This piece had to be written quite quickly due to the concentrated studio time before the initial preview, so I could be composing a new section one night and taking it to the studio in the next day or two, then finding we needed to extend the section or tweak some places to complement the choreography. It’s a different way of working than writing, say, a concert piece. I was also, in this case, passing music to the cellist, Andrew Huggan, whilst continuing composing the next section, as the work was also being recorded close to the time of writing.

4. How does the music help tell the story of For Now, I am..?

I think all the elements come together really well in For Now, I am. This can be a delicate balance sometimes, but when I first saw them all together, I felt there was a real atmosphere. I hope the music creates the sense of broken stillness, fragility and purity, but also conveys the story moving forward with acceptance and strength.

 5. Why do you think people should come and see For Now, I am..?

For Now, I am is a beautiful, at times mesmerising, thought-provoking and incredibly sincere performance of a remarkable journey.

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