BREWBAND Album Launch

Announcing the Release of the brand new nine track BREWBAND album on CD and Digital.

Singer and composer Jill O’Sullivan says about the song “Whiplash Rose” released as a single from the album.

“Marc Brew challenged us to think about our identities, both the way we perceived ourselves and others perceived us. We did this through a series of activities, some verbal and some involving movement. As a newcomer to the world of dance, I began to realise that my own perception of dancers was rather superficial. I was both unaware of the physical demands on their bodies and, particularly in relation to contemporary dance, the way they wove their own emotional and physical experiences into their movements. They looked so graceful and poised and occasionally vulnerable on stage but they were tough and strong and pushed their bodies to the limit to express themselves. I was  reminded of a rose – !an extraordinarily beautiful flower with delicate, fragile petals and also armed with sharp prickles to protect itself from the outside world. The song evolved from that.“