Alex McCabe

Rehearsal Director – BREWBAND

Alex entered the dance industry initially as a collaborating professional musician (violin, percussion, piano, voice), before beginning full-time dance training in 2012. He was awarded Scotland’s competitive post-graduate DEBS (Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme) through Dance Base (Edinburgh) 2013-5. Since this period Alex has worked nationally (dancing with Curious Seed, V/DA, Luke Pell, Merav Israel, Matthew Hawkins and others) and internationally, as a choreographer, assistant choreographer and dancer in numerous operatic productions (Wexford Festival Opera, Teatro Regio, Teatro del Maggio, where his dual understanding of both music and dance proves particularly productive. Since 2015, an ongoing choreographic collaboration with Riccardo Olivier has produced two multi-disciplinary works in progress, premiering winter 2017.

Extensive long-term collaborations with broad-ranging inclusive community and education projects in both dance and music (notably with Paragon and Scottish Opera) inform all aspects of Alex’s practice. In 2016, Alex collaboratively instigated and secured funding for the Mirabilia Scotland Focus, which took a large convoy of Scottish-based artists and industry representatives to a prominent Italian festival to showcase work and exchange knowledge towards fostering connective cultures of interdisciplinarity and inclusion. Alex holds an MA and PhD from the University of Glasgow, specialising in intercultural cross-fertilisations and translations within the arts.