Commissioned by Hessisches Staatsballet as part of the double bill Extensions also featuring Martin Harriague’s ‘Of Prophets and Puppets’

Concept & direction: Marc Brew
Choreography: Marc Brew in collaboration with the dancers
Music: Angus MacRae
Set & Costumes: Emma Kingsbury
Video projections: Eduardo Mayorga
Lighting design: Andrea Leib
Rehearsal director: Jaione Zabala
Dramaturgy: Lucas Herrmann

Dancers: Kiran Bonnema, Daniela Castro Hechavarria, Greta Dato, Francesc Nello Deakin, Ramon John, Isadora Markovic, Marcos Novais, Kristín Marja Ómarsdóttir, Alessio Pirrone, Matthew Vaucher

Trailers by De-Da Productions