Marc has been commissioned to create work for dance, theatre, film, and television and works in collaboration to create work that is challenging, emotionally charged and thought provoking, pushing the boundaries of dance and who can dance. His particular flavour of “awkward beauty” draws on his background training in classical ballet, contemporary dance and his own movement vocabulary with the use of line placement and extension, intricate folding, placement and replacement to create series of movement conversations shared between people.

“Marc has the experience from both sides of the fence as a disabled and non disabled dancer and is able to push and challenge all the dancers to create new and exciting vocabulary of movement.”

Judith Smith, Artistic Director Emerita, AXIS Dance Company

“I have seen how well Marc creates images with a lot of people on stage. He possesses an instinctive knowledge of how to group movements to play off each other visually to great effect.”

Stine Nilsen, Artistic Director and CEO, CODA Oslo International Dance Festival