Join Marc Brew Company for BREWBAND- an immersive production that challenges perceptions of identity and blurs boundaries between art forms: melding visceral rock music with delicate soundscapes, interweaving BSL and projections and blending explosive and sensitive choreography.

Created by award winning disabled choreographer Marc Brew this inclusive music and dance performance brings together top Scottish rock artists Graeme Smillie (Unwinding Hours, The Vaselines, Emma Pollock, A Mote Of Dust), Jill O’Sullivan (BDY_PRTS, Sparrow And The Workshop), Peter Kelly (Galchen/The Kills/ Jonnie Common) with talented dancers Rob Heaslip (Irish Modern Dance Theatre, David Hughes Dance Productions), Marta Masiero (Scottish Dance Theatre) and Alice Sheppard (Axis Dance Company).

An exciting event as much a music gig as it is a dance performance.

NB: The show is audio described and has BSL and captions. We will also offer a touch tour before the shows.

The band has released their first track, She, Carina available here – and they have just finished recording more tracks which will be released shortly.


Creative Team:

Marc Brew – Choreographer and Dancer
Joe Hornsby – Lighting Designer
Graeme Smillie – Bass Guitar
Peter Kelly – Drummer
Jill O’Sullivan – Musician
Rob Heaslip – Dancer
Marta Masiero – Dancer
Alice Sheppard – Dancer
Lesley Hepburn – Costume Designer
Jools Walls – Production Manager
Paul Gallacher – Sound Engineer